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What Makes us the Top Digital Marketing Agency

  • We are one of only 65 Google Premier Partners out of 4000 Partner Agencies in India

  • Rated #2 Web Design Company in India by BWDA Ratings in 2017 Rated #7 Integrated

  • Search Marketing Company in India by TopSEOs in 2017 Rated Top 5 SEO Companies in India by Silicon India in 2015 Rated Best Digital Agency to Work for by CEO Magazine

  • In 2017 Customized, Growth-oriented SEO plans for every business Unmatched Portfolio of Clients and Brands from Pune

Claim your stake with our digital marketing in California

California is a US state where ambitious projects are turned into realities. If you have a dream to build a business that is grown with the power of digital marketing, our digital marketing services can be of help.  Our focused approach to digital marketing will act as a catalyst to your business growth - both in terms of lead generation and online brand identity. We can also help you devise and implement specific marketing campaigns to achieve focused business goals. From cashing in on a market season to taking on a heavy-weight competitor — we are geared up for everything.

How do we do it all? Targeted Mobile Advertising is made up of marketers and web developers who know their way around the internet. We know how to optimize a web page to perfection that will help you rank on the top of search engine results. Not just SEO search engine ranking, we can also bring to your table a whole lot of other digital marketing services including SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Google Adwords - PPC (Pay Per Click advertising), Retargeting,  Facebook Marketing, Local Classified Listing, Mobile Advertising and much more.

Our specialities as a digital marketing agency based in California

Until the day Targeted Mobile Advertising was born, we were on the other side of the table trying to make digital marketing for us. Our experience as customers, followed by dedicated learning and working experience helped us create Targeted Mobile Advertising into one of the best top digital marketing agencies in California. In the process we also developed several specialities that makes us unique as a digital marketing agency.

TMA's Digital Marketing Approach:

We treat strategy as a precursor 

Tactics win battle, but strategies win wars. Marketing is nothing short of a war. In the digital era you can’t even predict where your competitors will spring up from. Our strategic approach to digital marketing will ensure that you have a focused approach in achieving your marketing goals.

We leverage Creativity as a disruptive force

Problems and challenges cannot be addressed with the same solutions all the time. You have to apply creativity — think like there is no box. At Targeted Mobile Advertising, we believe that creativity is a disruptive force that can turn around critical challenges into competitive challenges. Our creative approach to marketing has helped several clients penetrate new markets, enhance brand identity and improve bottom line.

We have people as change agents

The best of digital marketing companies in California are made up of people. It is people who have brilliance and passion embodied in them who set on to make the impossible possible. At Targeted Mobile Advertising, we focus on adding team members who are passionate about what they do. Rest assured, your digital marketing campaigns will of the best quality that will rival your competitors.

We believe marketing to be more than just selling

Marketing is not just for selling. It is more than that. It is the foundation that can build the future of a business. At Targeted Mobile Advertising we believe that marketing should be harnessed as a means to tell your story to the world. It is stories that convince strangers into becoming customers. Our creativity combined with marketing expertise will help craft fine marketing strategies that will take your business to new heights.

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