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Why should Targeted Mobile Advertising be your first choice as an SEO Company in the USA?

Google is a complex search engine. It has an algorithm that undergoes sea changes every now and then. Getting your website ranked, let alone sustaining its ranking is easily said than done. Targeted Mobile Advertising is a SEO company in the USA that is made up of Google-certified digital marketers. Our search engine specialists know how to hunt down the right keywords that will make your website rank, bring in relevant traffic and also add volumes to your bottom line. What we do is help businesses maximize their revenues. SEO happens to be one of our areas of expertise.

How Targeted Mobile Advertising can help you

You can be a startup or a fast-growing enterprise. No matter what your size and scale of operations is, Targeted Mobile Advertising can help you leverage the power of SEO to your advantage. We offer end-to-end SEO services that will maximize website traffic and increase online sales.


Our working style is attuned to offer you an experience that will be identical to having an in-house SEO team. From keyword research to off-page optimization, we cover the entire stretch of search engine optimization to help your business achieve its marketing goals.


How is TMA so sure of this? We are equipped with a team of marketing experts who hold SEO certifications from Google and related marketing agencies. They know their way around the web and how to make it work to your favor.

Confused whether your business needs SEO or not?

Don’t take our word. The internet is already bursting with volumes of statistics and snippets that prove why SEO-driven organic traffic is the perfect way to grow a business.

Want more convincing? Here are some solid benefits that SEO can bring to your business.

Increase Traffic

40% of online sales during holiday season originate from smartphone searches.

93% of online experiences begin with an online search.

57% of B2B marketers get more leads through SEO than any other source.

Leads from SEO-driven leads have a 14.6% closure rate.

78% of location-based mobile searches result in an offline purchase.

Voice search accounts for 10% of all online searches.

The first organic desktop listing gets 19.3% of clicks.

75% of internet users do not scroll past the first page of search results.

87% of smartphone users use online search at least once a day.

More website traffic = more opportunities to create a sale. As simple as that. The more number of website visitors your business gets, you have more visibility for your products and services. The best part is SEO helps you bring in traffic for free. SEO does not demand you to spend money on paid ads or campaigns. All it takes is your time and effort to do proper SEO activities like on-page optimization, off-page optimization, link building and the likes. With a best SEO company in the USA like TMA, you will be able to find optimize your website in the bets fashion that will increase website traffic and ultimately revenue as well.

Brand Visibility

SEO puts you on the top headlines of search results. It maximizes your brand visibility by convincing users that your website has great content, user experience and domain authority. After all, these are all ranking signals that Google uses to rank a page. Websites that rank higher in search results are deemed to have a brand identity of their own. Their increased visibility makes it easy to create an online reputation for almost no cost. To put in another way, SEO gives you the control to own and create your own brand awareness. You can decide which keywords you want to be associated with, who should find you when they run an online search and what kind of content should rank at the top.

Lead Generation

SEo might seem like a single online marketing strategy. Under the veil, it is actually a cluster of many marketing techniques that can serve your business needs, most importantly for lead generation. Localization, guest blogging, listing, online reputation management, blogging, social media sharing — there is a whole lot of activity that goes behind the scenes of SEO to make your business rank on top. And when it does, the ultimate goal of lead generation is achieved. SEO helps your target audience find you through online search instead of your business going to them. By using the power of online search, it facilitates pull marketing for lead generation.

Increase Sales

Why try hard to find customers when your SEO can help bring customers to you. SEO acts by putting your business name and website right in front of customers who are searching online for businesses like you. Be it a local search like ‘near me’ or a generic search for a product, we can ensure that your business is right within their visibility. Higher search engine ranking combined with the right marketing message will help your business sell more. Count on Targeted Mobile Advertising for that.



How we roll as a strategy-driven

SEO company in the USA

Results are achieved with processes. At Targeted Mobile Advertising, processes are more of habits for us. It is our habits that made us the best seo company in the USA.


Blind shots seldom hit the target, most of then they miss the target. SEO is a highly tactical marketing move. It needs strategy of a high-level that is well-thought; one that considers the present and plans for the future.


The marketers at Targeted Mobile Advertising are qualified SEO professionals who can make a website go from zero to one thousand sessions a day with ease. We make that happen by following a time-tested and proven process that is continuously updated to keep up with the changing times (and algorithms).

Your website can start ranking on the first page SERPS!

Stop asking yourself “WHY?” and start asking us “HOW?”


Award-winning company at

your service

Targeted Mobile Advertising was ranked #3 for web designing in 2018 by Rocky Mountain Ratings 2018 rest assured your website and its SEO growth is in safe hands

We got Google-approved hands

on deck

The SEO team at Targeted Mobile Advertising is made up of marketers who have secured certifications and accreditations from Google and several other inbound marketing agencies. 

We help skyrocket sales volumes

Not every SEO agency you might look at is going to bring you sales. Targeted Mobile Advertising has been helping its customers grow their sales by 64% year over year.

We are in for the long haul

As a customer-centric company we want to be partners in the growth story of your business. We are here for the long-term and not for a single transactional service.

More than 7 Years of Experience

Close to a decade of SEO has taught us a tad bit of how to make websites rank, how to optimize them for better user experience and a lot more. All our learning experience is yours to take advantage of.

We offer comprehensive SEO services

SEO is smart work. Working smart requires one to be a master of many things. As your SEO company, Targeted Mobile Advertising will offer comprehensive SEO services. You will never have to look anywhere else to get things done in SEO.

Humblebrag: We set goals and we crush them every single time

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