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What makes Targeted Mobile Advertising the best SEO services company in California?

SEO is a long-term game. It takes years to build a solid foundation that will make your web pages rank on the top of search results. But, if you are a business that is high on ambition and running short of time, the long wait can pose a serious problem. With Targeted Mobile Advertising by your side, you can beat the calendar and the clock to make your pages rank faster. We practice whitehat SEO techniques that help us rank our client web pages sooner than the average time. Talk to our SEO experts to know how we roll.

How TMA SEO Services can help your business

Your business needs organic traffic. It cannot be paid for. Visitors should find your website when they search for keywords that are relevant to your business offerings. And, your business must also comply with the countless ranking signals that search engines put in place from time to time. In other words, you need an expert by your side who can drive your SEO operations as well as keep you in the good books of search engines. Who is that expert? Targeted Mobile Advertising it is.


For close to a decade we have helped businesses hack the SEO code to become top-ranking web pages in their respective domains. Your business also deserves to benefit from the power of SEO. We are here to help you with that. Whether you are just in the business launching phase or driving it vigorously across continents, our SEO expertise will be of aid to you.

Why your business needs the help of the best SEO company in California

Targeted Mobile Advertising’s SEO process can give your business countless benefits — organic traffic, brand awareness, lead generation among many others.

Online search is the primary more for smartphone users to find information.

The first page of search results bring more than 90% of traffic.

SEO results in better brand awareness for your business.

SEO can bring you traffic from voice search.

SEO localization can help you reach local customers faster.

14.6% is the closure rate for SEO-driven leads.

SEO acts as the source for more than 57% of lead generation for B2B marketers..

From shopping to movie booking, 93% of online experiences begin with an online search.

Smartphone searches result in more than 40% of holiday seasons ales.

Still unconvinced? Check out some solid benefits that your business stands to gain.

Increase in organic Traffic

Organic traffic is literally free traffic. It is visitors coming to your website by seeing your website ranking on the top of search results. There is one huge benefit of ranking higher in search engine results. It portrays your business as one that is trustworthy. After all, it is Google that is ranking your website. That credibility gives your business the much-needed brand awareness. Organic traffic also has high search intent. The possibility of leads coming through organic traffic converting is also significantly higher.

Brand Visibility

When your business starts ranking for several keywords related to your offerings, it establishes your brand as a subject matter expert in the domain. The higher authority your business has, the easier it is to convince customers to transact with your business. SEO helps in bringing that brand visibility which otherwise requires a business to spend millions on press coverage and paid advertisements.

Lead Generation

SEO facilitates organic lead generation. It is a strategy that builds on its own, over time and with great quality. If dont right, SEO has the ability to establish your business as one that is highly credible and qualified to provide the service that is being offered. As a result, the quality of leads generated is also high, resulting in a high rate of conversion. Our SEO optimization techniques will ensure that all content is optimized for maximum conversion. From websites to blogs, we ensure that SEO works right for your business.

Increase Sales

The prime motive of any business is to sell more. In the mobile-first world, where a lion’s share of experiences and purchases originate from an online search, SEO can be a catalyst to your selling process. It helps your business become visible to customers who are searching online for recommendations and solutions. It pulls them towards you instead of the traditional way of reaching out to customers through cold calling. Targeted Mobile Advertising’s SEO services will maximize your sales book without putting a dent on your budget.



How we roll as a strategy-driven SEO company in California

Results are achieved with processes. At Targeted Mobile Advertising, processes are more of habits for us. It is our habits that made us the best seo company in the USA.


Blind shots seldom hit the target, most of then they miss the target. SEO is a highly tactical marketing move. It needs strategy of a high-level that is well-thought; one that considers the present and plans for the future.


The marketers at Targeted Mobile Advertising are qualified SEO professionals who can make a website go from zero to one thousand sessions a day with ease. We make that happen by following a time-tested and proven process that is continuously updated to keep up with the changing times (and algorithms).

Your website can start ranking on the first page SERPS!

Stop asking yourself “WHY?” and start asking us “HOW?”

Your website can start ranking on the first page SERPS!

Stop asking yourself “WHY?” and start asking us “HOW?”


We offer comprehensive SEO services

SEO is smart work. Working smart requires one to be a master of many things. As your SEO company, Targeted Mobile Advertising will offer comprehensive SEO services. You will never have to look anywhere else to get things done in SEO.

More than 7 Years of Experience

Close to a decade of SEO has taught us a tad bit of how to make websites rank, how to optimize them for better user experience and a lot more. All our learning experience is yours to take advantage of.

We are in for the long haul

As a customer-centric company we want to be partners in the growth story of your business. We are here for the long-term and not for a single transactional service.

We help skyrocket sales volumes

Not every SEO agency you might look at is going to bring you sales. Targeted Mobile Advertising has been helping its customers grow their sales by 64% year over year.

We got Google-approved hands

on deck

The SEO team at Targeted Mobile Advertising is made up of marketers who have secured certifications and accreditations from Google and several other inbound marketing agencies. 

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your service

Targeted Mobile Advertising was ranked #3 for web designing in 2018 by Rocky Mountain Ratings 2018 rest assured your website and its SEO growth is in safe hands

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